Teesside Wedding Services

Teesside is an area in the North East of England that whilst not strictly a county in it’s own right refers to a region around the River Tees which forms the border between Teesside and County Durham. The two main settlements of Teesside are Middlesbrough, on the Teesside side or south of the river, and Stockton-on-Tees, on the County Durham side, or north of the river.

Teesside also incorporates the districts of Redcar, Thornaby-on-Tees, Billingham, Eston, and part of the Stokesley rural district. Teesside is historically associated with the North Riding of Teesside.

The main urban centres within Teesside are well served with all the services and amenities required to produce the perfect wedding day and the historical buildings and rural areas make for a great backdrop to the celebrations. Teesside is well served with transport links to the nations road and rail networks and also a full range of services and accommodation options, ensuring wedding guests from further afield can join the celebrations.

When a couple decide to get married the initial joy and nervous anticipation can be quickly replaced by the realisation that much work, effort, money, and time is required to bring all the aspects of the wedding day together. Some aspects can be fun, such as choosing the rings and planning the honeymoon but it is all too easy to concentrate on certain areas to the exclusion of others and if any one thing goes wrong it can have a knock on effect on other areas.

Costs can also spiral out of control when there is so much to organise. It is often a good idea to enlist the services of the wedding planner who will have all the experience and contacts to bring the wedding together on a pre-arranged budget. We provide here a list of Teesside wedding services so that the organisation of your wedding is made easy with all the services in the one place.

Different aspects of your wedding arrangements require the necessary time to organise so we have provided a timeline for planning as follows:

Wedding venue selection - This is the first thing you book. Allow at least a year and be prepared to be flexible in your possible dates if you want to ensure a specific location that has some personal attraction for you. The venue location may also be chosen simply on the basis of how it looks or ease of access for your guests.

Wedding reception venue - You should book this at the same time as the wedding venue. Choose a venue that can accommodate all your guests comfortably. Teesside has many different function and reception venues. Many also offer additional wedding services such as catering or entertainment so take your time and make the decision carefully, depending on your requirements.

Bridal party dress hire - The dresses for the bridesmaids, and bride can be made specially to order or hired and in either case require 4 to 6 months to allow time for alterations and refitting. This should be a fun part, take your time and get it right.

Suit hire - Obviously the grooms attire will play second fiddle to bride’s dress but he should still look good! Allow 3 months for the groom’s party’s suits to allow any minor alterations to me made. Accessories such as waistcoats, ties and cummerbunds can also complement the bride’s dress in style or colour.

Cars and Carriages - There may be few times in life when you can arrive in true style but your wedding is certainly one the them. Allow 3 months notice for wedding car hire, maybe more if your wedding is during the summer months.

Rings and Jewellery - Choosing the rings is something you can do at any time but allow a month for any adjustments that may be necessary. Remember and get the rings resized if necessary just before the wedding. There are many Teesside jewellers who make rings to order and these will require more notice.

Photography & Video - This is one of the most important decisions you will make. Not only will the photographs be your permanent record of the day but also they should make a personal statement unique to your personalities. Make your decision with plenty of thought but do it early.

Wedding flowers - As much as a tenth of the wedding budget can be spent on flowers. They play an important role not only in the bridal bouquet and buttonholes but also in setting the tone of the wedding and reception venues. Allow at least 3 months to account for availability and seasonal variations.

Cakes and Catering - You should book the caterer at the same time as your reception venue. Many reception venues will have in-house catering services. Discuss with them your requirements and have a definitive idea of the number of guests attending.

We provide here a one-stop shop for all your wedding needs. Please browse our selection of Teesside wedding services to start your wedding plans.